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Well Met!

These pages tell the tale of The Company of the Silver Coin, a group of adventurers that found fame in the lands of Faerun, The Forgotten Realms.They are transcribed from the words of Thorn Silverbirch, Druid of Silvanus, with input from a others in the Company, and therefore reflect theirview of the company's travels. They are not complete and will no doubt be completed over time.

I first met the Company in The Year of The Serpent - 1359DR, on Rauthauvyar's Road in Battledale, they were travelling to the village of Hap. Since that time their accomplishments have become well known to many in the North, in both story and song. With these notes I intend to finally unravel the extend of the deeds performed by the Company.

There are lessons to be learnt in any story.

Jaladha Tshamryl
- Minstrel of Battledale and Harper
12th Day of Mirtul, 1372DR



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