Eliminster the Sage

The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger


I am Amber. I am Half elven. I was born of violence but grew in love.

My mother was raped by a human soldier during the passing of a mercenary troop and I was conceived. My mother allowed me to believe that I was Elven and told me tales of our people, we lived in peace on the outskirts of Silverymoon. We were happy beyond happiness, in love we stood together and the child that played in the garden with her amber eyes and dark hair sparkled like the stars in the sky. She had an elven name, an elven heritage and the quiet love of her elven mother. She laughed. I was a young teenager when I noticed the difference. My mother was slim, graceful beautiful. I was not. Muscled and strong. Quick to anger and slow to forgive in the end I suffered the taunt that told me the truth "half human!" No better than anyone else, not born to one race or another. A Freak. The child died and an angry young woman fled from her mother vowing never to forgive, or forget. I began the journey that brings me to you to tell my tale. In the High forest I found an old hermit who spent years consoling and teaching me. The ways of the woods were mine. I learned about the animals, how to track and hunt them, how to befriend them and why they needed to be protected. I learned of the gods, choosing to allow Gwaeron Windstrom, the Tracker of the North, Miellikki's right arm, to guide my path in life.

My time was sorrowfully brief, although I know the decades passed, it ended much too soon. My mentor was growing older and I ranged further from him each day, sometimes camping out under the trees and returning days later, never to find him concerned for my well being. One day I returned to find the home I had built for us in ruins, the animals slain and my mentor dying. He told me that a band of marauding orcs had passed and demanded that he gave the animals to them. When he refused, they took them anyway and delivered him a mortal blow. I did not understand, I knew that he had healing powers and skills but he had not used them. He told me that Mielikki had spoken to him and told him that his time was over. He gave me his blessings and died in my arms. I don't know how long I sat there. The dew lay on my clothing and my legs were cramped when I rose. I tracked and slew every one of the orcs. I journeyed south over many days and met with the Company of the Silver Coin.

I had found a new family. Sisters and brothers, a friend and lover I have had it all with them. Thorn. A man I waited for. One not involved with petty matters, not prepared to participate in arguments, devoted to his god and his friends. Or so I thought. Over the last few months as his heritage has revealed itself I have felt increasing distance between us. It became clear that eventually this half man would have to choose, between his heritage, his god, and me. I could not be a part of that. If he renounced his calling for me there would be too much resentment. He is not strong enough to leave me, not without a push and I could not be cruel to him. So I did it for him. I decided that I would make a clean break and I hope I did, it hurt more than any sword blow I have ever felt, but sometimes the only way to let them know you love them is to let them go.

I am Amber and I have faced foes you only meet in your nightmares. Windstrom has guided me through the forest of life. I cannot help but think he is protecting me and guiding me towards the final clearing where I will guide my friends into the jaws of death, and perhaps by my skill I will guide them out again. I would die for them.

I am Amber. Follow me to glory. Just don't ask me to smile.

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