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Baldric of Tymora

The man who would become Baldric of Tymora was born in the Cormyrian village of Espar, on Shieldmeet day in the Year of the Adder, 1328DR (1302CR). The second child of a family of tanners, he was named Kurt, and would have an older brother Stephan, and a younger sister Marianne. Though the family was close and loving, Kurt always felt unsettled, yearning to see more of the world, but always feeling unable to leave his family. He trained in his father's trade, but proved to be singularly inept at leather working, preferring to assist at The Watchful Eye, the towns only inn. Here he met many travellers and merchants, heading from the Sword Coast to the Heartlands and back, and heard of the wonders that Toril had waiting for him. One particular regular, who passed through Espar at least four times a year, was the touring Gnomish Illusionist Chrispin Starglow. He and Kurt became firm friends, in fact Chrispin eventually began wintering in Espar, and lodging with the family. He taught Kurt more about the world, being able to include visual illusions to depict the places and creatures, and also taught him the Gnomish language. In return he lived rent-free for three months a year, and Kurt's mother tutored them both in herb lore.

Then in 1346 DR, The Year of the Bloodbird, everything changed for Kurt and his family. A virulent wasting disease swept through Cormyr, claiming thousands of lives, including, eventually, that of Kurt's father. The various organised churches within the Forest Kingdom all worked together to stem the passage of the disease, and Espar was supported by the churches of Helm, of the Unsleeping Eyes, and Tymora, Lady Luck. Kurt was intrigued by the teachings of Tymora, and when the priests finally eradicated the illness, he returned with them to their temple in Cormyr's second city, Arabel. For the next ten years he studied at the Lady's House, and was ordained as a Luckbringer, or Priest of Tymora, and as part of the ceremony he took the name Baldric. It was about this time that Doust Sulwood, Lord of Shadowdale and member of The Knights of Myth Drannor, retired to Arabel, to support the church. This started Baldric thinking again about his yearnings to travel, as Doust was originally from Espar too, and he began preparations to venture beyond the boarders of Cormyr. Planning took a couple of years, Cormyr requires every group of "adventurers" to gain a Royal Charter at a cost of 1,000 gp, and after a first failed attempt, Baldric managed to get the temple, in its function as Patron of Adventurers, to underwrite the shortfall in funds. He posted notices in The Murdered Manticore, his preferred tavern, inviting those interested in a "life of adventure" to gather there; and on the 9th of Ches in the Year of Shadows 1358 DR (1333 CR), the group of people which grew into The Company of the Silver Coin met for the first time.

Since then, Baldric has travelled widely in Faerun, and gained and lost some of the greatest friends it is possible to have. Among his proudest moments are his escape from the Demi Plane of Dread, Ravenloft, his participation in the final battle of the Gods' War in the city of Waterdeep, and his actions during the Wolf Lord conflict in Cormyr. During The Company's rescue of Myrmeen Lhal from the Darkhold (a Zenterim stronghold), Baldric and his lover Velmonia were separated from the rest of the group, a small matter of being turned to stone by a beholder. In desperation, Baldric used the power of his Necklace of Prayer Beads to summon an Avatar of Tymora, it didn't exactly work as intended, and instead he was transported to her domain Brightwater, in the plane of Olympus. Velmonia didn't survive the petrificaction. The Lady allowed him to decide where he wished to be returned to, and he elected to go home to Espar, trusting the Company to be able to reach Cormyr without him. In Espar he organised a resistance group to fight against the Wolf Lord's occupying army, and here he was rejoined by the rest of the Company of the Silver Coin, in time to fight The Battle of Espar, called by some the turning point of the conflict. From there, the Company travelled to Suzail, participating in the battle which saw The Unicorn Queen defeat the Wolf Lord, and the Company destroy an avatar of the Orcish god Bahgtru. After an exceptionally short rest, the Company travelled north to Arabel alongside King Azoun IV and the Purple Dragons. There they were present when Azoun defeated Gondegal, and Baldric's actions, in kicking the King's sword away, prevented Azoun from being drawn into Ravenloft alongside his adversary. In recognition for these deeds, the King agreed to finance the building of a temple to Tymora, which Baldric intends to run, when he has finished his journeys. Baldric also went into secret co-ownership of Riviers Keep with Bazil, though where this partnership stands, given their current "falling out" is unknown.

Baldric has only one major goal in his adventuring life, the retrieval of Valmonia's spirit. At the moment of her death, her soul was transported to a lower plane, the plaything of a demon with whom she had been forced to make a pact to save her life many years before. Baldric is currently biding his time, waiting until he is powerful enough to retrieve his beloved.


Baldric is just less than six feet tall, and solidly built, though still supple. His chestnut hair is "thinning" to put it politely, and he usually has a full beard. When in action he wears a set of magical Elven plate mail he was gifted in Myth Jannel, and fights using Twin-Death, a Rod of Flailing. When relaxing he enjoys his pipe, and a good drink in good company. He will be wearing a set of Clerical robes, white with royal blue piping, with Twin-Death in rod form at his waist, and his Ring of Shocking Grasp, a gift from Korlanthian, on his right hand. His prize possessions are The Company of the Silver Coin's Royal Charter, which was granted in perpetuity by Azoun IV in thanks for their actions, and his holy symbol, a silver coin given to him by Tymora's avatar. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and is not backwards in telling people when they are wrong. That said, he is supportive of his friends, and a believer in the freedom of the individual, "if it doesn't hurt or hinder someone else, then it's OK with me" is his way of thought, though he is vehemently against the enslavement of intelligent beings in any form.


The picture used to depict Baldric is actually a portrait of the artist Jeff Easley, taken from the cover of the TSR novel "Red Sands" painted by Clyde Caldwell, and with the colour of the disc changed. However, Baldric's physical description predates the picture by several years, and the degree by which the picture fits the character is a complete fluke.

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