Eliminster the Sage

The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger

Captain Sir Bazildon Stringfellow III

Bazil knows very little about the origin of his family, except that his parents journeyed from lands far to the south many years ago. Bazil's parents journeyed for a long time and eventually decided to settle in Suzail, the capital city of Cormyr. Bazil grew up in Suzail and his earliest memories are of this city. Bazil's farther was a skilled locksmith (and burglar). He opened a locksmith's shop and allowed his wife to sell herbs in part of it. Bazil's mother, Millicent, was a skilled herbalist and perhaps because of the fact that they'd survived the journey from the south, she embraced the Goddess of luck and spent her time between selling herbs in the shop and using her skills for the good of the church. Bazil's childhood was very typical. Both parents taught him their trades, how to read and write and made sure he could converse in his own language. Bazil's natural ability at stealth and his rapidly increasing talent with locks, meant there was really only one career for him. He became a skilled burglar. Bazil's parents would periodically journey to the Kings Forrest in search of herbs and after much begging, Bazil would usually get to go along. During these trips Bazil would hone his wilderness skills and dream of adventure and being a warrior in the Kings army. As Bazil aged, he forgot about the army . However, he eventually started to get bored and long for adventure. He had acquired a treasure map and wanted to investigate the indicated ruins, which is about the time he met The Company of the Silver Coin.

After adventuring with the Company for a while, the group were captured after their meal had been drugged. Bazil's halfling constitution saved him from the same fate, but later as Bazil was exploring, a fire trapped chest killed him. Unable to afford to have him resurrected, Aralythe (a bardess) had him reincarnated. Bazil awoke as a merlin. Aralythe split from the Company and Bazil accompanied her. Their journeys took them to some interesting places, cumulating in mageocracy of Thay. After narrowly escaping, the party ended up in Aglarond; the country controlled by the Simbul, one of the Seven Sisters. The Arge-Magess needed a wizard mark that was locked in Bazil's head and so used a wish spell to return Bazil and his mind to that of a Halfling. The Simbul retrieved the wizard mark from Bazil's mind and she and Bazil quickly became close, personal friends.

The Gods' war was just beginning and the Company of the Silver Coin were about to become up to their ears in it. Bazil said a sad farewell to Aralythe and the Simbul teleported Bazil to Baldur's Gate to rejoin the Company. The Company became involved in retrieving a Tablet of Fate, that had been stolen by Leira; the goddess of illusion. It was during this time, that Bazil met Midnight and they soon became close, personal friends.

During a titanic battle in Waterdeep at the end of the Gods' War, Bazil died once again. He was given life by Lord Ao, Overlord of the Gods. Due to their help in retrieving the stolen Tablet of Fate, each of the Company were granted a Wish. Bazil asked that he be allowed to move as swiftly as a human, but still retain his size. This request was granted.

There was no time to rest however because word reached the Company that the Wolf Lord had marshalled the orcs and wolves in the North and had marched on Cormyr. The Company decided to return to Cormyr and fight for their homeland. During this time, the Company found themselves in the Darkhold; a giant-sized castle now controlled by the Zentarim, and ended up rescuing Myrmeen Lhal, who was being held prisoner there. She and Bazil quickly became close, personal friends.

The Company made for Suzail with their newly released prisoner and newly discovered secrets about the Unicorn Queen. It was then that Bazil learned of the death of his father at the beginning of hostilities. The Company met with King Azoun IV and Vangerdahast and were charged with finding the Unicorn Queen. Bazil and Vangerdahast quickly became close, personal friends. The Company found the Unicorn Queen and brought her to Suzail where a titanic battle was taking place. The Company, Avatars, Kings, orcs, wolves and Purple Dragons fought that day and after what seemed like an eternity, the forces of good triumphed. The orcish and wolven army was routed and retreated back to the North. However, Gondegal and his mercenaries regrouped and retreated back to a fortified Arabel. King Azoun IV gave out honours after that decisive battle and Bazil was elevated to the nobility and became Sir Bazil and was given the semi-ruined Riviors Keep, the Haunted Halls and a small area surrounding it. Bazil was also granted a captaincy in the Kings Purple Dragons. Bazil and the Company were in the vanguard of the storming of Arabel. They fought their way to Gondegal and aided the king in bringing about Gondegal's ultimate defeat and exile to Ravenloft; the Demi-Plane of Dread.

Bazil renamed Riviers Keep, 'Stringfellows' and oversaw the rebuilding of the castle. The king stationed a detachment of Purple Dragons there. After a period of rest, the Company found themselves journeying to Sembia. Bazil's mother was captured by a vampire and taken into the Vast Swamp to the east of Cormyr. Bazil and the Company went in after her and retrieved her. It was just after that, that the involvement with the Book of Thorns reached its climax after a meeting with Marla Silverbirch. This resulted in defeating the Dracolich, Nevarlerich and releasing the Battledale Seven. Unfortunately, the plans that the Cult of the Dragon had already brought to fruition, plunged Sembia into civil war. The Company took a well deserved rest in Hap in the Dales. The story continues...

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