Elminster the Sage

The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger

Book 1
Chapter 3 - The Standing Stone and Mistledale (1359DR, 8-11th Flamerule)

The night camped by The Standing Stone didn't pass quietly. We were attacked by a pack of worgs that moved without making either a sound or a trail. They took us by surprise and caused so harm before we could put up an organised defence. Latter we would learn that the worgs spent much of the year near the enchanted ruins of Myth-Drannor, which is believed to be the source of their unusual talent for walking a fraction of an inch above the ground!

We still needed to travel to Deepdale and meet Azagartha Nimune at the head of the Deeping Stream. Perhaps she could help us piece together what little we had discovered of the Drow's plans. Come daybreak we pushed on towards Ashabenford in Mistledale knowing that the Drow were looking for us in the south.It was an easy ride through beautiful terrain and we made good progress. That night we camped in the remains of a watchtower called Tree's Edge on the eastern edge of the Dale. We shared the ruins with another group, a patrol of The Rider's of Mistledale led by Nelyssa, a Paladin dedicated to Chauntea. The Riders were a worthy company and good hosts. We had, of course, heard of their mighty deeds in defending the Dalelands during the Time of Troubles. It transpired that they had also heard of us. We spoke of our mission and in doing so learnt that drow had recently attacked the nearby dwarfen village of Glen. The next morning was a time for partings. The Riders continued on this their patrol and I declared my intention to seek wisdom from Oakengrove Abbey, a large and venerable shrine dedicated to Silvanus, a little way beyond Ashabenford in the centre of the Dale. I agreed to take news of the events transpiring in the world to Harvestmaster Whiteshield of the Abbey of the Golden Sheath, a truly magnificent temple dedicated to Chauntea.

The rest of the company continued along the road. At noon they arrived in Glen, a small community that had some of the largest mushrooms I would ever see. During their short rest there Bazil met up with a young halfling and would-be pickpocket while Brother Baldricj learnt first-hand the potency of the dwarven beverage Old Skullcrusher. They spent the night at a small creek that marked the site of the God Tempus' arrival during The Gods' War. The land beyond was, if anything, more fertile then the rest of Mistledale and as they rode through the morning they passed through rich farmlands.

Shortly before noon they were called to arms again when they witnessed a small group of farmers being attacked by a trio of terrifying, insect like, creatures called Ankheg's. As monstrous as these creatures were my companions were able to cut them down to size and save all but one of the farmers. By noon my companions had reached the village of Ashabenford. They quickly located the lord of the town enjoying the pleasures to be found at The Velvet Veil, where Baldric was able to deliver the referral letter Illmeth of Battledale had given usr. After the intense War Chancellor of Esembra they found this lord to be rather laid back. He did, however, promise what little aid he could. It appeared that continuing the journey to Deepingdale by boat would be difficult, there were rumours of magic wielding creatures called Water Nagas prowling the river. It appeared that our options were to either reach Highmoon by following the 'Yeven Trail' along the riverbank or striking out west until we reached the edge of the Thunder Mountains; before Tilvers Gap, and turn south there to approach Highmoon in Deepdale from the West....

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