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The History of 'Realms'

By Matt

Hmm, lets see. We started the Forgotten Realms game AD&D game way back in about 1987 where at the time there were three of us DMing; Alex (who has since left our group), Darrell and myself. We ran a couple of games, but it didn't really take off because we become somewhat distracted by a certain RPG called Star Wars (based on some famous film - so I understand!).

It must have been about 18 months later, I would say, that we picked up the game again, most of us starting with new characters (Darrell was the one who managed to keep his - Baldick, Priest of Tymora) and decided to give it another go. I decided to start the game in classic style, with the group meeting in a tavern, in this case The Murdered Manticore in Arabel, a city of Cormyr. Following a notice posted by Baldric the group was formed. They soon registered as an adventuring group, with the local lord Myrmeen Lhal, as The Company of the Silver Coin, honouring Baldric's god and the patron of Adventurers - Tymora.

For the first couple of years both Darrell and I collaborated on DMing the game, though ultimately I ended up carrying the torch. We have adventured through the Time of Troubles, getting actively involved, but not actually playing the official scenarios (remember them?)

Of course characters, and players, and come and gone, but the Company of the Silver Coin has always remained. We, Mage Blade, play a number of RPGs and 'Realms' gets played about three times a year. I can tell you that as DM it is hard work to run - probably because expectations run high.

A very brief overview of the Companys History can be found in The Tale.

The characters now average 10th level, with some as high as 12th and I am now running the last campaign of adventures for The Company of the Silver Coin. I want to end the game on a high, and not with a feeling that it outlived it's welcome. We are currently about half way through the campaign and it will be a number of years before the players complete it! Could we someday be celebrating 20 years of the Realms?

Nick, who plays Thorn Silverbirch the Druid, has decided to keep a game log of the current Campaign which I have tentatively named 'The Legacy of Ages'. This can be read in The Journey pages and it will grow over time - as I write and my players play it!

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