Eliminster the Sage

The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger

The membership of the Company

These are the current members of the Company of the Silver Coin. Some of the company have chosen to reveal their history. Click on their name to read their own story...

(Female Half-Elf, Ranger 9th)

A half-elven rangeress and, until recently, wife of Thorn. This strong-willed and strong-armed woman is both beautiful and tactless. She is lethal with her two longswords and does not suffer evil. Her most treasured possesion is her onyx dog Figurine of Wonderous Power "Dwindar".

She has left the company and returned home. They may never see her again.

Brother Baldric of Tymora
(Male Human, Speciality Priest 9th)

A human Luckbringer of the Goddess of Good Fortune, Baldric formed the Company of the Silver Coin. Baldric is a noble man with a strong sense of right and wrong. Born and raised in Espar, a village of Cormyr, Baldric formed a small resistance group to protect the village during the Wolflord War. Baldric is currently having a temple to Tymora built there.

Sir Bazildon Stringfellow III 'The Quick'
(Male Halfling, Thief 12th)

A halfling scout of great skill and cunning, Bazil was made a honorary Captain of the Purple Dragons and given the key to Riviors Keep (above the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar) by Azoun IV of Cormyr, because of his deeds in the Wolflord War. He is recognised as 'a friend of the Simbul'(!) and gained the gift of speed from the Goddess Midnight after the Godswar. Ah, I see you've heard of him...

Colatto Carifar
(Male Human, Mage 10th - Previously Ranger 4th)

Colatto was once a far-travelled ranger. Now he is the heir of Nimpeth; the city of Slaves and Gem of the Vilhon Reach. He is still coming to terms with his responsibilites and cannot hide from is heiritage.

Faergil Ammath
(Male Moon Elf, Mage 10th)

An elven mage and emissary of the elven god Labelas Enoreth, Faergil is both intelligent and skilled in the ways of the Art. Faergil spends much of his time in study and is well-versed in the history of the People. He also enjoys a fine wine and carries a large selection around in his portable hole!

Thorn Silverbirch
(Male Half-Dragon, Druid 12th)

A Druid, Thorn has discovered his true self. He had known for some time that he was the result of the union of Aurus the Gold Dragon and Marla the rangeress. Only with the 'death' of his father did the spells drop away and he transformed in a 'Half-dragon'; humanoid still, but withl alien and reptilian beauty. Thorn is also a Harper.

Primrose Goodmead
(NPC Female Halfling, Fighter 8/Thief 5)

Currently travelling with the Company, Primrose is a happy-go-lucky kinda gal, with a large crush on Bazil. She carries 'Thaleyva' - Tears of Tymora, a Luck Blade and is a worshipper of the Luck Goddess. Primrose is very much a victim of her emotions, which she finds difficult to conceal, and her mouth has a tendency to run away with her...

Sir Baynar Truesilver, Lionar of the Purple Dragons
(Male Human, Fighter 9th)

He has just joined the company after being sent to Aglarond by King Azoun himself. Born of Royal Blood Baynar he is infuential in the Purple Dragons. He carries his family's ancestral blade 'The Lictor of Arren Truesilver'

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