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The Company of the Silver Coin
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A Few Reminiscences, and those anecdotes that explain alot...

By Traycie

Picture the scene, I am 17 nearly 18, I have possessed the D&D box-set for ages and I finally find someone who I can play with. I talk to Matthew and Eddie and wrangle an invite to the Saturday night session.

All ok so far? Well, this is where it falls apart. Matt forgot to tell everyone I was coming and then 'forgot' to introduce me. A room barely big enough for everyone, no character, no names for half the faces and no idea really. Well, it didn't take long to make friends, and after a few whispered 'who's she?' and Matt's wonderful nan making me a cuppa I soon settled in. Strangely enough it was Realms they were playing, I should have seen the significance….

That was 13 years ago...Realms has lasted all this time and after reading Nicks brief accounts I have decided to let you lucky lot in on a few of the stories and significant events in the life (because they have one of their own) of the Company of the Silver Coin and the 0-level humans who breathe life into them. Trust me although we each bring some of ourself to them, they are very different from their players.

Please forgive any ommitance…. This is how I remember them...

My first character was Milana Wolfdale, Roy played her sister Difreya. Difreya was older and smarter, you could say that they were modeled on Raistlin and Caramon from the Dragonlance books, only they were more equal. They were both equally good at making a problem into a crisis, and in the end, they both met their maker because they hassled one too many bad guys, Milana swore at and insulted a drow and Difreya got popsicled by a crusty old hermits' winter wolf… "No I won't go away until you talk to me.."

Then there was Korlantheon and Korlanthia, played by Matt and Edd, brother and sister moon elves. She was a cavalier and he was a mage. Korlathia used to practice her swordplay on trees…

Brother Baldric, played by Darrell, spent his early days spreading the 'word' which was engraved backwards on his mace, so it imprinted on monsters foreheads as he bashed them.

Thorn Silverbirch, whose idea of neutrality in those early days was to croon ' I have no objections' as often as possible during a discussion. And whose player has toy cat that sat on the table to represent his ill fated familiar. What a guy…

There were others but these are ones that stick in memory. Not having the memory of Nick for events and adventures This account is sketchy.

Difreya died in the village of Pantheon, where we picked up Bulosh Ironhammer. What a guy, He had his alignment changed after the cold blooded massacre of a bunch of singing gobos, he drank skullcrusher, a dwarven spirit, the sort that required a con check. He got so many diseases in the sewers of Arabel that he lost a point of constitutution, permenantly (he started with 19) he said what he liked and he liked what he said. He was exceptionally strong but after calling Tymora a prostitute, and all her cleric pimps, (we had found out that the clerics in Arabel were charging 1gp to see the avatar during the Godswar) He got into a brawl with Baldric and in the end the party had to get him carted off to jail, where he recived 1 years hard labour, to be realistic he is probably dead but Roy can still be heard crying 'free the Waterdeep One' in the dead of the night….

Bulosh is also responsible for the Amber (me!) has a big arse jokes, whilst crawling through a tunnel an a gnomish badger stable (yes I know..) he was heard to say, 'I can't see a thing Ambers big fat bum is in the way..' and so a long tedious tease began. There was also the occasion when Bulosh, who had an arsenal of weapons wouldn't let Aldis, a fighter-thief, use a magic short sword he had. Aldis stole the item in question while Bulosh slept, replacing it with his own, nonmagical one. Later we encountered some Ju-Ju zombies, Bulosh whipped out what he thought was a magical short sword….

There have been a few disasterous encounters with NPCs in our career, Monetha Goldeagle, paladin of Tyr failed dismally to convince Khelbun Arunsun to give her a big jewel, that fitted into her sword pommel, I believe he said to her, "Tell you what, why don't you give me the sword." Way back in the mists of time a paladin, whose name escapes me chased the Wolf Lord down the street, but upon rounding the corner of a street to find himself surrounded by wolves, suffered a Han Solo moment and fled. Milana, in a vague attempt to impress the village children got out a hand axe, and they all fled screaming, a few moments later she was surrounded by the villagers, angry and demanding answers. Difreya, trying to convince an angry croud that we had done them a favour showed them the spellbook from the evil herald we had defeated, the crowd took the book and burned it while Difreya wept (she hadn't had time to check it for useful spells). Should have used forward planning…

Oh and a million others, like being teleported and someone saying 'what about Thorns familiar' and brother Baldric sitting on the quay while the rest of the group raided a boat, I can't remember why but I do remember Baldric, the cleric of luck, puffing on his pipe and going on about the benefits of forward planning.

Brother Baldric of Tymora, the luckbringer, patron of adventurers and endless source of amusement. Baldric has a two-headed flail called 'Twin Death' which he waves about to effect and a ring of shocking grasp which he often forgets about. He currently walks around in a very shiny suit of ornate, antique elven armour, so he is a bit hard to miss, sneaking around is a bit hard. He has a taste for barmaids and rarely fails to try his luck when the company stop in an inn. He is the unluckiest Luckbringer in the Realms. Picture the scene, Faergil (elven mage, played by Ian) has snuck into an orcish lair, invisible, Unfortunately he has been rumbled and the rest of the party is a round away. He is backed into a corner, surrounded by orcs, he is laying down and planning to 'burning hands' the semicircle of orcs. A good plan. However, the initiative before the spell goes off Baldric bashes one orc and appears in the gap. Spell goes off. Baldric is toasted. Tymora vomits in his kettle. Baldric gets a girlfriend, who used to be a hermaphrodite and he/she/it gets blasted by a beholder before they can really get to know each other. Baldric grows a beard and the other PCs take the piss, Baldric shaves and the other PCs ridicule his white chin. Baldric demonstrates his true chaotic nature by keeping a good record of the company, past and present on its Cormyr Charter. Despite how it sounds, we would be poorer for not knowing him....

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