Elminster The Sage

The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger

The Rules

We use the AD&D Core Rules; i.e. not the powers and skills. Kits are used if people want them, as are Tome of Magic or spells from other books, with DM's approval. Priests use the rules from Faiths and Avatars.

We have defined a number of 'House Rules' which make the game a little different from standard AD&D.
These include such rules as allowing Priests to not have to select their 'spells' at the beginning of the day; if they have the sphere, they can cast the 'spell' - up to their daily allowance.
And giving Mages a spell bonus similar to Priests but using Intelligence instead of Wisdom.

Experience is not gained for Treasure or Magic Items (they are their own rewards), except for thieves using appropriate skills.

There are others. A full list can be downloaded in PDF format Here.

We think it gives our game a unique feel without overpowering the characterts or their adversaries.

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