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About the Site

These pages are about the ongoing adventures of Mage Blade's AD&D game. The Tale is a very potted history about 'What has gone before'. The Journey is the game log of our current campaign - seen through the eyes of Nicks character 'Thorn' - It's not complete because we have finished it yet! . The Members is a brief; at the moment, summary of the characters - hopefully with stats to follow...

The "Collected Notes..." is a very personal site. The Company of the Silver Coin has been with us now for over 10 years and has a few years left before we stop and move onto something new. We hope you find some enjoyment in our journey, and if you don't - well create your own characters, draw up some maps and live your own adventure in the Forgotten Realms!!

As the Elves say...

"Sweet water and light laughter until next!"


This site was developed using Dreamweaver MX,Fireworks 4, and Paintshop Pro (I've never had the time to learn Photoshop...) and the maps were obtained from the excellent Forgottern Realms Atlas CDROM. Yes, I've borrowed some artists images, but that's only because I want the site to look nice! - it's not a challenge to the their ownership. I have a lot of respect for the original artists (you only have to walk round my house to see that!). If you wish the images removed just email me.

The fonts used on this site can be downloaded Here.


This site is dedicated to the following people, without whom there would be no Company of the Silver Coin:

Darrell (Brother Baldric of Tymora - Human Luckbringer speciality priest)
For putting up with the pranks, the forward planning(!), and starting the Company in the first place.

Edd (Bazildon Stringfellow III - Halfling Thief, sorry - Scout)
For trying really hard to turn up on time, and playing the worlds tallest, and fastest, hobbit.

Ian (Faergil - Moon Elven Mage)
For listening to descriptions - sometimes, and not killing any of the other characters with his spells - yet.

Jon (Baynar - Human Fighter)
For the jokes, and for grassing up Baz to the King!

Nicholas (Thorn Silverbirch - Half-Dragon Druid )
For not forgetting the plot - though he sometimes forgets our names, and providing much advice.

Roy (Collato - Human Ranger/Mage)
For enduring all the shopping, and giving us the horror that was Bullosh the Blacksmith...

Traycie (Amber - Half-elven Ranger)
For putting up with the Amber-has-a-big-arse jokes, and reminding us all that the game's supposed to be fun!

To all these people, and to those friends that have passed onto adventures new, I offer a heart-felt thanks. Roleplaying can be fun but it rarely is as much fun as you all make it for me. I only wish I could sometimes join you on the other side of the DMs Screen!

(Korlanthian Moonshadow, Elminster, Strahd, Millicent Stringfellow, et al)
Dungeon Master