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The Style of the Game

By Matt

I think even when we first started we realised that the game would be special. There was loads of character interaction and the main emphasis was always roleplaying over monster-killing. One thing we do is play the game on a day-by-day basis, something we do in no other game. This gives the game a unique but rather intensive feel. It also means that characters levels are really earned!

We seem to roleplay more in this game than any of the others we play. Personally I believe it is because we are all very comfortable with the rules (2nd Edition AD&D) and also very familiar with each other's characters. The characters all definitely have a life of their own...

'Realms' was always about Quests. Though there was some 'standard' adventuring at the beginning we have moved on since then. There is always some dark evil to keep the Company busy!

Magic items mean something in the 'Realms' game. Everything has a history and is important somewhere in the story. I had decided that +1 Longswords are rather boring really and, for the purposes of the game, are merely 'enchanted'. If something is magical than that means something - it will have multiple powers, command words, etc.. The characters aren't brimming with potions, rings and magical weaponry, they have to earn them. This usually means that when they do manage to find a magical item it becomes cherished - the look of fear in the players once when Baldric nearly lost his Rod of Flailing to a Black Dragon is long remembered!

Ultimately the style is one of plot. I wanted to Realms game to be written like a fantasy story, one with a beginning, a middle, and an end. It gives the game direction and, I hope, provides ample room for character development and interraction. Since the plot always revolves around the Company it is not difficult to get them involved.

'Realms' isn't about power-gaming, it never has been. But that is not so say that the characters aren't important. It's a high-fantasy game and the characters have the opportunity to shape their world. They have already completed great deeds and have made a name for themselves. Of course this only seems to attract trouble...

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