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The Company of the Silver Coin
Amber the Ranger

The Beginning of the Tale, the history of the Company...

The Meeting
The Lady of Illusion
The Rise and Fall of the Wolflord
The Book of Thorns and The Cult of the Dragon
The Drow Plot and the Legacy of Shrinshee

The Meeting

On an otherwise unremarkable night in The Murdered Manticore inn in Arabel, Cormyr, seven would-be adventurers met for the first time. 'Brother Baldric of Tymora', the Paladin 'Wyrnspur', the elven mage Korlanthian and his warrior sister Korlanthia, the human mage Defraya and her warrior sister Milana and a young Initiate of Silvanus called Thorn Silverbirch. They chose to band together to form an adventuring group which they called "The Company of the Silver Coin".

The company spent its early days travelling the Wooded Kingdom of Cormyr searching for adventure and glory, often taking jobs as caravan guards to make ends meet. During this time an incident occurred which would have an important effect on the group, though it was not recognised at the time. In defeating a manticore, which was terrorising the surrounding area, the adventurers came into possession of the elven sword S'Scalon, forged in the last days of Myth Drannor. Months later this sword, then carried by the paladin Moneetha, caused the company to be teleported far from home where they came to the rescue of the silver dragon 'Chromheart' who had been imprisoned by his nemesis Nevalarich the Red. Following this incident the company decided to head for Waterdeep where they believed that Khelben Blackstaff could help them understand more about S'Scalon and its destiny.

The Lady of Illusion

Their journey would prove to have many obstacles as no sooner had they set out when the Time of Troubles began, plunging The Realms into chaos. Without really trying, the company were drawn into the Gods' War as they set out upon a quest to recover one of The Tablets of Fate, which had been stolen by Leira, The goddess of illusion who had replaced it with a counterfeit. A seemingly endless number of illusions, tricks, traitors and shapechangers ended with a confrontation with Leira herself, a confrontation was fatal for the avatar and almost proved likewise for the company when the energies released at her death blew them into the plane of Ravenloft. The Company of the Silver Coin only spent two days and two nights in the demi-plane of dread but it was two days and two nights that they would never forget. At last they, and their precious cargo, were exiled from Ravenloft to The Plains of the Dead, used by the people of Waterdeep to bury their warrior dead, and from there they made it to the City of Splendors in time to participate in the Gods' War's final, violent night.

The Rise and Fall of the Wolf Lord

No sooner had this crisis passed when the company heard distressing news from Cormyr. The Wolf Lord, a mysterious figure with the power to command wolves and their kin; who had troubled the company in their early days, had raised an army against the crown. His allies were numerous and powerful, the priesthood of Malar, the Zhentarim, many tribes of goblins and the infamous bandit king Gondegal. It was also said the Myrmeen Lhal, ruler of Arabel, was one of their early victims. The company set out for home immediately but, as before, their journey was a roundabout one as they came to the aid of The Cult of the Unicorn, whose High Priestess had been abducted by Zhentarim forces and taken to The Darkhold.
A daring and costly rescue resulted in the liberation of not only the priestess but also Myrmeen Lhal, who was also being held there. Following ancient prophesy the company was able to resurrect The Wolf Lord's eternal adversary, The Queen of Unicorns, with the young priestess becoming the avatar of her unicorn goddess, serving as the Queen's mount.
The forces of good and evil clashed outside the walls of Cormyr's capital; Suzail. The Wolf Lord and The Queen of Unicorns slew one another, King Azoun IV drove Gondegal from the field of battle and The company battled the avatar of Bahgtru; the orc god of Loyalty, who had brought many tribes together to fight as one.
With their three leaders defeated the army of darkness left the field and the brief but bloody war was over. Almost. Gondegal had fled back to Arabel, which was still under the control of his army despite the efforts of Myrmeen Lhal efforts which had cost her her life. The Company of the Silver Coin joined with Purple Dragons and, almost a year to the day that they had first met, retook the city . For his evil Gondegal was thrown into the Demi-plane of Dread to become both a ruler and prisoner.

The Book of Thorns and the Cult of the Dragon

Fate did not give the company long to rest. They were drawn east towards first Sembia and then The Dalelands. A former member of the company, now transformed into a power-hungry vampire, lured them into The Vast Swamp and the lost elven outpost of Myth Janael. No sooner had they emerged when they were swept into the plots and counter-plots of The Cult of the Dragon and two of its Dracoliches; The Sibilant Shade and newly-formed Nevalarich, as they fought over the cursed Book of Thorns written by Sammaster the Mad founder of the Cult. In a final battle at the druid stone circle of The Battledale Seven, the Company of the Silver Coin and their allies, including the silver dragon Chromeheart, destroyed Nevalarich using the elven Dragonslayer-sword S'Scalon, unmade the Book of Thorns which freed the Battledale Seven from their cursed state of un-life.
The dracolich had controlled the Council of Sembia, transforming the Council members into the walking dead. With Nevalarich's destruction the council feel into ruin and Sembia was plunged into cival war...
After a year and a half of constant travel and danger the company decided to take a sabbatical in the nearby village of Hap, in Battledale,only to come across the agents of The Dark Elves. Through-out their travels the company had encountered hints that the drow were abroad and now they discovered that War Chancellor Illmeth of Essembra had uncovered a Drow plot of power and revenge that was about to come to fruition; a plot that included their deaths...

The Drow Plot and the Legacy of Shrinshee

After a short journey to Essembra in Battledale the Company discovered that Illmeth had intercepted a letter between agents of the Drow. It told of their plot of revenage against the elves and their search for 'The Legacy of Shrinshee'. It spoke of the elves Korlanthia and Korlanthian Moonshadow, members of the Company who had died in battle, and the aid they gave to the human magess Azargatha Nimune of Highmoon. Faergil had joined the group some time ago after tracking them down with a letter for the dead twins from the magess. Perhaps she could unravel some questions the letter had raised...

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